Framework agnostic for the win

We all have our favourite frameworks and tools, and naturally we tend to participate largely within those communities. However, we may be missing some opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas within the larger PHP ecosystem. In this talk I'll show you why The PHP League has made it their mission to write framework agnostic code. Here's a hint: Thanks to the PHP-FIG and Composer, packages are becoming the glue that binds the various PHP communities together. Come learn why everyone wins with framework agnostic code!

Friday, Jan 15th, 02:00pm-02:50pm
Large Conference

About Jonathan Reinink

Jonathan Reinink is a long time front and back-end web developer with a keen interest in PHP. Jonathan runs a small Canadian based web development company called Code Distillery. In recent years Jonathan has transitioned from being a "lone wolf" developer to being much more active in the PHP community. Most notably, Jonathan has contributed two packages to the The PHP League, including Glide (an image manipulation library) and Plates (a native PHP template system). Jonathan has a strong design sense and is an advocate of using good design to help promote technical projects.