Coding the Semantic Web with HTML5 and JSON-LD

How can you help the realize Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the semantic web? Developers know to separate semantics (HTML) from presentation (CSS), but what specifically are the best current solutions for tagging the meaning of content, and what is the case for using them? This talk will discuss the evolving HTML5 and JSON-LD microdata specifications, and show sample code using these elements and attributes in blog and commerce web pages.

Thursday, Jan 14th, 03:00pm-03:50pm
Theater Room

About David Kelleher

David Kelleher is an Emerson College affiliated professor, multimedia artist, and freelance PHP/MySQL and UX developer with 15 years of industry experience. He loves the intersection of the arts and emerging technologies, working on projects like a juggling gesture interface for electronic music theater and an interactive overhead video canopy. As an educator, he created the full stack web curriculum for multiple colleges and institutions in the Boston area, and has given talks on diverse topics ranging from database optimization to UX design and visual effects production. David is also a co-organizer of Northeast PHP conference.