Refactor, Don't Rebuild

To paraphrase a popular 1970's TV series: "We can rebuild it...we have the technology". Everyone has heard the phrase uttered: "This codebase sucks, we need to rewrite it from scratch!". In fact you've probably said that exact phrase before. But is it ever really a good idea? Via real world examples, we will explore the topic in this session and iterate the reasons why it's almost always better to maintain and slowly refactor existing codebases as you go, rather than throw them away and start again from scratch.

Friday, Jan 15th, 11:00am-11:50am
Large Conference

About Eli White

Eli has been building Web Applications for 20 years and fell in love with PHP the day that PHP 4 was released. Since then he's been a strong advocate for PHP and used it in every project he's worked on. He is currently the Managing Editor and Conference Chair for php[architect] and Founding Partner & CTO of He is also an avid writer (blogs, articles and books), and has spoken at numerous conferences.