Micro-frameworks Make Awesome APIs

Modern micro-frameworks are the ideal platform for building robust, powerful, and maintainable APIs. To a client, an API has two simple tasks: receive a request and return a response. To a developer, a good API must juggle layers of authentication, authorization, content negotiation, resource hydration, validation, and serialization. Micro-frameworks excel at handling requests, folding in layers of middleware logic, and forming a response. In this session, we'll compare and contrast Silex and Lumen, side-by-side, as we build working, capable, and dare-we-say RESTful APIs.

Friday, Jan 15th, 03:00pm-03:50pm
Medium Conference

About Austin Morris

I've been a full stack developer for several years, specializing in robust, maintainable PHP back-end software. I am currently a Senior Engineer at Varsity News Network where I've leveraged PHP best practices for the benefit of high school athletic departments. As the co-author of Peridot, I enjoy writing declarative, efficient, and (most importantly) useful tests. I am the co-organizer, and a frequent presenter at GRPhpDev, the PHP Developers Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan (a.k.a Beer City, USA).