Hack Better, With SCIENCE!

Did you know there are entire research institutes dedicated to software engineering? Whole academic journals full of studies dissecting Agile practices and coding styles? Roving bands of professors waiting impatiently to analyze every morsel of data our field can provide!

Come survey the latest and greatest in software engineering research. Get the empirical evidence you need to defend “cutting edge” practices like unit testing and version control to your boss, her boss and the company, and learn how the ivory tower can help you be a better software engineer.

Thursday, Jan 14th, 02:00pm-02:50pm
Large Conference

About Gemma Anible

Gemma is a software engineer, video gamer and recovering classical violinist who has been developing PHP web applications since before PHP5 (and applications in C, .NET and Delphi since before then). She is passionate about using pragmatic processes and tooling to support developers of all types and skillsets, and her level of excitement over learning new dev technology tends to correlate strongly with her level of caffeination. Gemma and her husband live with their two dogs in New Mexico, where they climb volcanoes for fun.