Enjoyable Testing with Peridot

Peridot is the highly extensible, highly enjoyable, BDD testing framework for PHP. Inspired by the idea that writing tests in Javascript was simply a better developer experience yielding tests with greater business value, Peridot seeks to bring that experience to PHP. This session will introduce Peridot's familiar describe-it syntax then dive into leveraging its flexible architecture to customize your application's testing platform. A quick introduction to existing plugins, reporters, and scopes will teach the Peridot fundamentals that lead to implementing your own extensions. Along the way, you'll learn (or remember) what it's like to enjoy test development.

Thursday, Jan 14th, 10:00am-10:50am
Theater Room

About Austin Morris

I've been a full stack developer for several years, specializing in robust, maintainable PHP back-end software. I am currently a Senior Engineer at Varsity News Network where I've leveraged PHP best practices for the benefit of high school athletic departments. As the co-author of Peridot, I enjoy writing declarative, efficient, and (most importantly) useful tests. I am the co-organizer, and a frequent presenter at GRPhpDev, the PHP Developers Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan (a.k.a Beer City, USA).