Foundations of Zend Framework 3

Full frameworks are heavy, slow, and coupled internally, forcing us to create applications tightly coupled to a toolset. On the other hand are microframeworks leading to a NIH (Not invented here) approach because of missing functionality, with a minefield of tradeoffs connecting to other components.

Zend Framework 3 (ZF3) features fully separated components, and is blazing fast (up to 15X) with newly rewritten Service and Event Managers. We'll see beginning skeleton apps that leverage ZF3 as a PSR-7 middleware microfamework, or as a full stack framework, with highly connective APIs. Code samples of the foundational pieces; Event Manager, Service Manager, and Module Manager, will be shared allowing attendees to quickly get started using Zend Framework 3.

Friday, Jan 15th, 11:00am-11:50am
Medium Conference

About Adam Culp

Adam Culp (@AdamCulp) author of "Refactoring 101" and consultant at Zend Technologies is passionate about developing with PHP and contributes to many open source projects. He organizes the SunshinePHP Developer Conference and the South Florida PHP Users Group (SoFloPHP) where he enjoys helping others write good code, implement standards, refactor efficiently, and incorporate unit and functional testing into their projects. He is a Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Engineer, is a voting member of the PHP-Fig, and holds a seat on the Zend Framework Certification Advisory Board. You can also find him on his Run Geek Radio podcast and GeekyBoy technical blog. When he is not coding or contributing to various developer communities, he can be found hiking around the United States National Parks, teaching judo, or long(ultra) distance running.