Growing up with PHP

Year 2000 was the year of functions2.php. Today we write fully engineered Object Oriented software. All in the same language. PHP has grown and we as developers and people have grown with the new changes over the years. Let me show you what truly changed my life as I grew from PHP 4 to 7, let's grow further together.

Friday, Jan 15th, 02:00pm-02:50pm
Medium Conference

About Michelle Sanver

Michelle Sanver is president of PHPWomen, an inclusive & global network providing support within the PHP community. She also works as a software developer at Liip, based in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. Michelle loves anything community related and is a big advocate of Open Source. She is a code-passionate colourful geek and with more than 10 years of PHP experience she is eager to share her extensive knowledge.